“After taking my first yoga class when I was 17 years old, something sparked in me that changed my life forever. I felt something release in my body, I felt reborn. Since then, my thirst for the knowledge and experience of yoga has taken me on a beautiful journey. Later on down the road, a Reiki teacher initiated me into the lineage of healing by channeling divine light. The journey into the multidimensional paves the path to healing the world. So many of those who choose this path experience a transformation that gives life a shiny hue it didn’t before. I look forward to sharing this magical path with you!” ~ with love, Skye





Bio & Testimonials

It has always been in my nature to help others.  Once I began my journey into motherhood, yoga opened up so many pathways of healing that I decided to share the gifts as my service to my community.  In 2009 I certified in Whole Birth Yoga with Robin Sale in Santa Cruz, CA.  This opened the doors to the incredible healing power of mindfulness, movement and community support.

In 2013, just after finishing my 200 hour teacher training with Jennifer Prugh in Los Gatos, CA, I suffered an injury that took me down a long path to healing.  I had the opportunity to experience many types of healing modalities, thus my passion for using yoga and meditation as a means to heal began.  I then mentored with Joanne Varni for yoga for trauma and began teaching classes at the VA in Palo Alto in 2015.

After healing my body, I took a 100 hour mentorship with Ambika Daniella Cotreau of Body Temple Yoga School in 2016 to study alignment based hatha and dive deeper into emotional healing.  Around the same time, I began practicing Ecstatic Dance as a form of emotional healing and self inquiry.  The marriage of free form movement and postural alignment blended with deep emotional awareness and energy work helped me transform my life from a deeply wounded single mother into a more open hearted and balanced healer.

Lastly, in 2017, I received a Reiki II certification with Jesalyn Eatchel and began sharing the power of energy healing with my family, friends and students.  Tuning into the universal flow of love and consciousness, I support others in clearing up the energy that keeps them from finding peace within.

I am so honored to be on this path with you all…

My intention is always to guide and support each person to discovering their own pathway to healing through science and spiritual influences.  I believe we have all come from love and when we return to love, we begin to heal.  When we heal ourselves, we  heal others around us…

Here is what my students have to say:

“As a coach for 20+ years, I’ve had the privlidge to work many teachers in various fields.  Skye is a gifted instructor with a strong intuitive nature.  I’ve found Skye’s healing yoga class to be a wonderful balance of relaxation and exploring boundaries of body, mind and spirit.  She is an inquisitive soul always eager to learn and share with others.  It’s a blessing to have her on my team.” – Colleen Henry

“Skye is one of those rare yoga talents that applies the true essence of yoga into her practice, bringing breathing, awareness and holistic methods into the practice. Thankful for the amazing benefits from her guidance” – Yugan Yogi Sikri 

“I always leave a class with Skye feeling revitalized and nourished.  Skye has a rare blend of a light-hearted and practical style of teaching. In her classes you’ll experience a very genuine and nourishing warmth. Her teaching and practice continually evolves and it’s enjoyable to see her masterfully integrate them into her teachings and in her practice. She’s a hallmark of a devote yogini that has remarkably adapted to many relatable obstacles in life.” – Jonathan Reyles

*deep bows for their kind words*

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