Therapeutic Movement, Healing Hands



“What we call yoga today has many people curious and often confused.  What I have learned is that the evolution of spirituality, science and health are being molded together to help us all live more complete lives.  Throughout my lifetime, spirituality has been the common thread in all things I do.  From the time I studied music in college to missions work in the Christian church to studying asana and reiki in my current practice, spiritual guidance and a life of purpose has been priority.  Healing, to me, is a lifestyle choice.  Through yogic and buddhist philosophies, breathwork, postures, energy practices, qi gong movements, and mindfulness, I have found a system that gives me peace and tools for navigating this human life in the most loving way possible.  I hope to have the opportunity to share these tools with you so that we all may have a more joyful experience on this journey we call life.  Thank you for visiting!” ~ with love, Skye

 Skye’s Resume


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